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Overhead Crane – OHC-01

This training is designed to educate operators in  the safe use of Overhead Cranes. Overhead Crane operators will gain knowledge in health and safety standards,  preventative maintenance and safe operating procedures.

Overhead Crane Training Topics

Training covers pre-use inspections, preventative maintenance, crane terminology, crane fundamentals, rigging orientation, load charts and calculations, crane start-up and shut-down procedures. Participants will also learn about brakes, crane controls, movements and applicable regulations and standards.

Upon completion of the training Theory and Practical portion of the course, there will be a knowledge exam. Successful participants who achieve 80% or greater who also pass the practical component will receive certification valid for three years.


Course Requirements:


Course Objectives:

Provide students with a three year Overhead Crane operator certificate.

Hours To Complete:

8 Hours

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment):

All PPE Required.


Three year Certificate of Completion rewarded to students who pass with a minimum grade of 80% who also pass the practical component.

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Mar 28 2023