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Forklifts – FLEL-01-1

This is a class level (1-7) forklift course working with students who have little operational experience hoping to obtain the required level of knowledge and skills to Safely operate an assorted group of equipment classes which can vary in tasks to obtain certification. Each student will be evaluated on the equipment which they are requiring certification. 

Forklift Entry Level Training Topics

Topics include operator basic principles, fork truck classifications, pre-use inspection, refueling of forklifts, safe operating practices and OH & S regulations. Students will study theory and have ample time to gain valuable experience operating equipment. Students will learn about the potential dangers when operating a forklift and review important operator responsibilities.

Class VII forklifts are designed for use in rough terrain, such as construction sites or undeveloped natural terrain. This class covers a wide variety of forklift types, as long as they have the capability of navigating uneven ground.

This course complies with CSA standard B335-15 for training of forklift operators. Students achieving 80% on the theory component and passing the practical component will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.


Course Requirements:


Course Objectives:

To provide students with a three year certificate of completion.

Hours To Complete:

8 Hours

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment):

All PPE required.


Three year Certificate of Completion awarded to students who pass with a minimum grade of 80% who also pass the practical component.

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