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Fire Extinguisher – FE-01

This fire extinguisher training course is designed for anyone who operates vehicles and equipment with on-board fire extinguishers, oil and gas employees, employees in agriculture, industrial construction or any industry where there is a fire hazard.

Fire Extinguisher Training Topics

Topics covered in our training include how to safely approach a fire, fire codes, fire extinguisher operation, components of the fire tetrahedron, basic methods of fire prevention, basic methods of fire extinguisher use, different classes of fires and fire extinguisher components.

Upon completion of the fire extinguisher training in the Theory and Practical portion of the course, there will be a knowledge exam. Successful participants who achieve 80% or greater will receive certification valid for three years.


Course Requirements:


Course Objectives:

Provide students with the knowledge and confidence to safely use portable fire extinguishers.

Hours To Complete:

4 Hours

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment):

All PPE required.


Three year Fire Extinguisher Certificate of Completion rewarded to students who pass with a minimum grade of 80%.



Mar 27 2023