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fork lift truck driver discussing checklist with foreman in warehouse

Forklift Class 4/5- FLEL-01

Forklift Entry Class 4/5- FLEL-01

This is an entry-level forklift course allowing students with little or no operational experience hoping to obtain the required level of knowledge and skill, to safely operate a forklift (class 1-6) and become certified.

Forklift Entry Level Training Topics

Topics include operator basic principles, fork truck classifications, pre-use inspection, refuelling of forklifts, safe operating practices and OH & S regulations. Students will study theory and have ample time to gain valuable experience operating equipment. Students will learn about the potential dangers when operating a forklift and review important operator responsibilities.

This course complies with CSA standard B335-15 for training of forklift operators. Students achieving 80% on the theory component and passing the practical component will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.


Course Requirements:


Course Objectives:

To provide students with a three year certificate of completion.

Hours To Complete:

4 – 6 Hours

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment):

All PPE required.


Three year Certificate of Completion award to students who pass with a minimum grade of 80% who also pass the practical component.

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Mar 28 2023