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Fit Testing Qualitative-call for bookings

This mask fit testing course will give instruction based on what type of mask is needed (half mask or full mask). Half masks are designed to prevent wearers from breathing in vapors, a full mask is required if you have supplied air. We will instruct on how to clean a mask and how to put a mask on.

Mask Fit Testing Topics

There are two types of respiratory fit tests: Qualitative and Quantitative

A qualitative fit test for full/half masks uses a testing agent or odorous material. Testing of this kind is acceptable but limited because it is reliant on the test subjects sense of smell. These tests by design are fast, require no complex equipment and are easily performed. Results are subjective, based on the tester’s response and recorded as pass or fail.

A quantitative Fit Test is designed for tight fitting full face masks but can also be used as a more accurate way to measure half masks or N95 masks used. Quantitative fit testing uses highly specialized equipment to measure particles in the atmosphere and inside the mask while the wearer performs tests to ensure a secure seal is made.

Respiratory testing will be Qualitative only, call in to schedule testing times


Course Requirements:


Course Objectives:

To ensure that respirators are fitted properly and securely for all students.

Hours To Complete:

20 minutes per person

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment):

Entire process is in classroom


Fit tests follow the CSA Standard Z94.4-02, are mandatory every 2 years and are recommended annually



May 07 2020


8:00 am