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confined space rescue

Confined Space Entry Awareness – CSPE-01

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This course is designed to ensure students gain knowledge to safely work in confined spaces on the work site. We’ll cover what a confined space and a restricted space is, training and competency requirements, recognition, evaluation and control of hazards & Completing a Hazard Assessment, different levels of confined spaces, legislation requirements, as well as atmosphere testing.

Confined Space Training Topics

Other confined space training topics include:

Hazardous substances and energy (isolation), purging and ventilation, neutralization, entry permit system, emergency response, confined space monitor responsibilities and definitions.

We’ll cover vessels, swimming pools, trenches, attics as well as sewers. Additionally, we teach about legislation, CSA requirements, different accesses, egresses, what is a confined space, how do you determine what a confined space is, if you need supplied air, full mask, half mask or supplied air. And lastly, we’ll cover rescue plans, tank watches as well as the requirements of a tank watch person.


Course Requirements:


Course Objectives:

Provide students with a three year certificate.

Hours To Complete:

8 Hours

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment):

All PPE required.


The Confined Space Entry certificate of completion is valid for 3 years.



Jul 13 2019


8:00 am